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Talking point: “Brought up to believe stereotypes are wrong.”

February 4, 2011

Young Muslim Alleges Discrimination by Major Specialty Retailer

September 18, 2009

Could a Muslim teen’s legal beef with Abercrombie & Fitch help make headway for a wardrobe specific lawsuit aimed at discriminatory Planet Fitness as the national health club brand continues to violate the rights of others under the guise of – ironically – the self anointed Judgement Free Zone?

Angry Aussie Lashes Out

April 20, 2009

The Angry Aussie

The Lunk Alarm

December 30, 2008

Other Planet Fitness Blogs

December 18, 2008

Sorry for the long absence but my own workouts have taken priority.  However, you are not forgotten, and I will be sure to check the spam box more frequently (where all new comments are automatically held for review and approval).  In the meantime, here are two other PF related blogs I’ve discovered on the internet –

Epitome of Hypocrisy


East Falls Church VA Planet Fitness