Planet Fitness Discriminatory Dress Code Sign

May 14, 2008

The racist PF sign they won\'t show you up close on the internet

The sign they won’t show you up close and personal on the internet.

More signs from Planet Fitness.


As Planet Fitness Turns Needs Your Help

May 13, 2008

To all our readers, loyal or passing through, please post your Planet Fitness horror stories and we’ll gladly publish it for public consumption. If anyone can email a picture of the discriminatory sign that is displayed on the floor of PF, it would be of tremendous help.

Let’s say no to racism, and yes to a united front!

Sound the Nazi Air Raid Siren!

May 11, 2008

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

It’s the rude awakening that possibly foreshadows the demise of the fitness industry and our own personal standards of excellence.

Planet Fitness = Planet No Progress

May 1, 2008

A spoof on the nation’s most ridiculous and discriminatory fitness chain.

A Video Testament To Planet Fitness’ Discriminatory Practices Pt 2

April 19, 2008

A Video Testament To Planet Fitness’ Discriminatory Practices Pt I

April 18, 2008

A reader submission.

A Reader Voices His Opinion

April 17, 2008

From one of our readers, another unfortunate victim of the fraudulent PF “Judgement-Free Zone” hype.

Michael Williams writes:

QUESTION: When is a ski-hat not a ski-hat?

ANSWER: When it’s on the head of a black man, then it becomes a do-rag.

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The Story Behind the Blog

September 1, 2007


In what seems like a throwback to another era my gym used to be a solid fitness center equipped with dumbbells well over sixty lbs and a squat rack and a dizzying array of equipment that could woo and satisfy the finickiest of free weight junkies. A bona fide incentive for the ladies was the accessibility of on-site daycare and the variety of cardio and strength training classes available throughout the long stretch of business hours but that too was eliminated as soon as the owners acquired the Planet Fitness name.

Out went the old and in came the eye gouging yellow and purple paint combo where every other wall appeared to be cluttered with over-sized placards and a relentless repeat of PF’s No Judgment mantra – the crux of their business banking [on their preference] for the weak and the meek – and of course, as if it could possibly go unnoticed, the now infamous lunk alarm looming over the musclebound lot towards the rear of the gym; an electronic babysitter that emits an interminable wail when triggered by the overzealous clanking of weights or an enthusiastic exhalation of air. In other words, the all dreaded GRUNT – the bane of Planet Fitness’ existence and incontrovertible proof that lunkheads lurked among them- an offense that could easily get one tossed from PF turf and cast straight into the national limelight.

Despite the aforementioned obstacles and the absurd color scheme that sullies the walls and equipment and makes me feel as if I’m tripping on a Barney tab (or, on occasion, inciting an unquenchable lust for grape Jolly Ranchers), my main motivation for keeping this blog is so that you may bear witness to the bane of my existencethe corrupt management and dirty politics behind my local PF chain – where respect and equality are neglected and specific members are targeted and treated harshly and with much judgment and where hypocrisy is the operative word du jour.

Bear witness to the machinations of my local Judgement Free Zone and judge for yourself.