More Racism at Planet Fitness

My latest email reads:

“To whom it may concern at PF Turns,

I was a member of the Planet Fitness in an area known as East Falls Church, VA.  I decided to leave after a nasty fall out with one of the owners and their obtuse ‘roid raging monster of a manager.  My love for working out and lifting weights is what made me hold on to my membership for as long as possible, not to mention the many close friends I have made over the years.

Well, I still have many ties to the community, particularly with the staff.  It was recently told to me that one of the owners purposely went out of his way to drive to his home state to vote for John McCain.  Now, there is nothing wrong with this, even if it’s a party I don’t agree with, however, the owner told one of the employees that “it’s not that McCain was any better than Obama,” but there was “no way he was going to see a black man take the office.”

I was genuinely shocked and so was my friend but then, should we have been that surprised?  The owner’s attitude aptly underscores the racist mentality of the sham that is Planet Fitness.  It also helped explain the duress I worked out under because according to them I would also be considered a minority plus I am a woman and – get this – the other owner is downright sexist and has been overheard making negative statements about reproductive rights and so forth.

It’s sad because it was once a great gym filled with management who actually cared for the patrons.  While the membership rates have gone down, the quality has suffered, too.  If every gym uses P F as their model, then fitness will never be the same.  Hopefully, it will never come to that and there are corporations who will stick to their guns (so to speak) and their integrity.

Thanks for allowing a place to vent.”

Other than you’re welcome, I don’t even know what to say.


8 Responses to “More Racism at Planet Fitness”

  1. Curtis Says:


    Sorry to hear of yours’ and others’ unfortunate experiences at Planet Fitness. I attend the PL in Bay Shore and been having no serious problems with it. The staff there are friendly and responds well to questions and concerns I express. Often times it could get crowded but the path to better health still continues. I grant you my wishes for your finest well-being.


  2. Says:

    Blogring for planet+fitness…

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  3. BW Says:

    Why is it that you feel entitled to never hear or deal with people whom you disagree with? The guy may very well be a jackass but so what? He was just stating his opinion, which he is most certainly allowed to do. Now there is a time and place, for sure. But he did not break any laws. It is not against the law to be a racist asshole. Sorry if your ultra sensitive ears got their vigrinity stolen away from them, but with all due respect, grow the fuck up. There are people out there who don’t think like you do, or have the same opinions as you do, “huh!? what!? Oh my fucking god are you serious!? How can that be!? Everything I think isn’t the least bit wrong or ignorant!!” Guess what, if you voted BO then you are ignorant because so far, he is proving to be a complete fraud.

  4. BW Says:

    Oh and I bet my comment gets deleted.

    And I don’t like PF either…

  5. planetfitnesssucks Says:

    There are also people who tend to insert politics into every argument, debate, and disagreement.

  6. knokoutboy Says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and adding its link to your page, i will surely do the same. As for your blog, i love it. It is an exact portrayal of that gym. I will admit though i did vote for John Mcain but that is because of his military background which i felt would be beneficial, no hard feelings though for the election results. But the fact that the owners would express such rascists comments in a work environment is ridiculous, especially to employees who are normally teenagers. As to your comment about the owners/managers being sexist i can definetly attest to that while i was working there. I had seen them make lude refrences about attractive women, they treated one woman particularly terrible and when she voiced her concerns to one of the owners he dismissed her without even taking her opinion into consideration. Its just a poor representation of a gym.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    For all u asshole u cant chang the world in a day
    That’s y dummies can get it a baby can’t come out the womb and start walking

  8. Chris Cox Says:

    If this guy is anti Obama then I’m going there.

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