From the Fitness Without Borders Website

Joseph Freschi is the Executive Vice President & General Counsel for Planet Fitness and World Gym where he is responsible for advising management on legal issues impacting business operations.”

From Fitness Without Borders.

Guess Mr. Freschi neglected to advise PF founder Mike Grondahl that his discriminatory policies SUCK.

An honest oversight? Or anything for a buck, Herr – or would that be Uncle – Freschi?


3 Responses to “From the Fitness Without Borders Website”

  1. ravensgal Says:

    always crying discriminaton. No one wear those items in everyday life, and certainly nothing on their head indoors. GTFU!

  2. dave Says:

    you’re kind of a cunt, ravensgal…

  3. Yve Max Says:

    I’m a female who was told by a planet fitness staff member ‘ we are a no judgement environment and your not allowed to show your midriff ‘ . I was speechless for a moment , then told her , I was being judged and I was in fact wearing appropriate exercise clothing . I asked to see this policy . Turns out that it does not even exist , however I was told a club member had complained about me . Anyway after calls to the corporate office and a call from the club manager , I was told because they are a judgement free environment, a member who feels that I am fitter or smaller and at a different fitness level , or if they are bigger , has the right to feel comfortable . I quoted their missions statement back to them ,( as previously had to the employer and the corporate office ) . I told him what they were doing was bullying and creating an environment where people feel free to descriminate and criticise and bully other people with the full backing of the management under some bullshit policy that they could not even quote or show to anyone . If your fat and overweight you can complaine but if your fit you can’t . I asked him if someone felt my arms were thinner or more toned than theirs , could they complaine and ask that I cover my arms ? … He said it would be assessed at the time .
    Unbelievable ! I told him we would be cancelling our membership because they were a judgement rich discriminatory gym that encouraged bullying and I wanted No part of it .

    Planet fitness can kiss my well toned ass !

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