As Planet Fitness Turns Needs Your Help

To all our readers, loyal or passing through, please post your Planet Fitness horror stories and we’ll gladly publish it for public consumption. If anyone can email a picture of the discriminatory sign that is displayed on the floor of PF, it would be of tremendous help.

Let’s say no to racism, and yes to a united front!


14 Responses to “As Planet Fitness Turns Needs Your Help”

  1. Michael Williams Says:

    Like thousands of New Yorkers, Navdeep Singh liked to keep fit. That’s why he became a member of Planet Fitness, a gymnasium in the Bronx where he worked out regularly for six months before his membership was terminated. It turns out that Planet Fitness had a “no bandanas” policy that they applied to the tight cloth Navdeep tied around his head in lieu of a turban while he worked out. They gave Navdeep a choice between losing his membership or replacing his head covering with a hat instead. Though Navdeep explained that the Sikh faith explicitly prohibits wearing caps or hats instead of cloth turbans or patkas, the management at Planet Fitness terminated his membership.
    Federal law prohibits discrimination against any person based on his/her race, national origin, and religion(among other things) in a number of settings, including access to businesses and buildings and federal services. Still, the situation on the ground is at odds with the law as far as Sikhs are concerned.
    One in 25 Sikhs we surveyed have been refused service by a private business because of their Sikh identity.
    Wearing a turban is the most common cause of being refused service by a private business.

  2. Michael Williams Says:

    Mike Grondahl is Ashley Todd

    I was recently in two situations I’d like to share with you. In the first scenario, I was in a moderately busy fast food restaurant. Of the four black men there, two of us were wearing doo-rags (I was not one of them). We all ate our food quietly and left. However of the 15-20 white men at the restaurant, none of them were wearing doo-rags.

    In the second situation, I was in the cafeteria of a multi-million dollar business. Of the three black men eating there, two of us were wearing doo-rags (again, I was not one of them). Once again, we all acted like perfect gentlemen, ate our food and left. However, of the probably 70 white men in the establishment, none of them were wearing doo-rags.

    So in the first situation, if the four black men were to walk into Planet Fitness, 50% of us would have been harassed for wearing doo-rags. In the second situation, if the three black men had walked into Planet Fitness, two-thirds of us would have been harassed. However, in both situations, none of the white men in the two scenarios above would have been harassed because the doo-rag really isn’t part of white culture.

    So, to say that the Planet Fitness no doo-rag policy doesn’t target African-American men is a complete fallacy.

    Ashley Todd is the woman who claimed that she was attacked and disfigured by a huge angry black man because she had a vote for John McCain bumper sticker on her car. Her goal was to scare white America into voting against Barack Obama for fear of having a black man as the President of the United States. Luckily for black men all over America, this turned out to be a hoax.

    Mike Grondahl, the owner of the Planet Fitness chain, uses the same scare tactics Ashley Todd uses in order to sell his product. Just like Ashley Todd, he’s created the ultimate imaginary muscular super-villain that he can say he’s protecting his target audience from.

    Before Planet Fitness took over my gym, I was just another paying customer with 20 years of excellent citizenship under my belt. However, with Planet Fitness’ offensive signage of a super muscular cartoon character man firmly in place, along with their man-bashing lunk alarm, and their racist dress code policy, each time I walked into Planet Fitness I magically transformed into Ashley Todd’s imaginary terrorist. I magically transform into a 6’4” (I’m 5’10”), 200 lbs (actually I weigh 180 lbs), scary ethnic doo-rag wearing (it was a generic winter ski hat), black man who’s only goals in life are to grunt, purposely drop heavy weights, and attack innocent white women, hold them down, and carve a backward letter B on their faces. (Actually, when I was 19, I prevented the rape of a white woman by a white man but neither Mike Grondahl nor Ashley Todd care about that.)

    This is why I left Planet Fitness. I was tired of being judged in the “judgment free zone”.

    If you believe that man-bashing and race baiting are wrong, please boycott Planet Fitness.

    If you’re a man of any color and you feel like you were discriminated against due to your gender, race, or any other federally protected classification, please contact your State Attorney General’s office.

    As long as race baiting people like Mike Grondahl and Ashley Todd are allowed to succeed, I’ll always be an African-American and not just an American. As long as Planet Hypocrite exists, the United States of American will continue to be a country of hyphenated Americans, and not just Americans.

  3. planetfitnesssucks Says:

    ‘So in the first situation, if the four black men were to walk into Planet Fitness, 50% of us would have been harassed for wearing doo-rags. In the second situation, if the three black men had walked into Planet Fitness, two-thirds of us would have been harassed.’

    I am in complete agreement, Michael. Forcing certain groups to forgo peaceful cultural practices and adhere to the majority’s standard is BLATANT discrimination. People like Mike Grondahl and Ashley Todd spread fear and prey upon the vulnerabilities of those who may not have grown up in culturally diverse surroundings such as people like ourselves.

  4. Angry Says:

    Newburgh, NY

    Management is horrible at this gym – the policies are unethical and unfair – and outright offensive. I got my card changed on the 12th and reported the change the next day to the gym – I was told I would get a fee anyway and that I could ask for it to be reversed after I had gotten it. I spoke with the general manager “Tom” and he refused to reverse the fee because I “had fees before” – two actually because I again, changed my card – and I paid those fees.

    I didn’t loose my card this time, someone in cyber space was attempting to use my card number. It has nothing to do with me – why should I be punished? How can I send a memo to the cyber thieves out there to only try and steal my information within a 20 day period or I get a fee no matter what?

    I asked Tom this, and told him my ideas about how it’s impossible to send memos to thieves on the internet and he just asked me “if I was done” and gave me attitude.

    I left Gold’s Gym because of their grimey business practices and I may do the same for this gym – but honestly I think I’m going to write a few articles about my experience. At the end of the day $10 is not a lot to me, but all of the people who will not sign up because of my word of mouth and the reviews I write, will amount to a lot more than that fee you just sleezed out of me, planet fatness.

    Thankfully I’m not broke all the time, so they can’t constantly fleece me like the poor people who get this done to them on a monthly basis.

    I’m not a fan. I’d rather they just charge extra and advertise it as such.

    Dissatisfied with the NEWBURGH GM named TOM – what an asshole.

  5. ravensgal Says:

    These people need to get real. Dorags aren’t acceptable to wear anywhere. They are for working that’s it. Most people don’t wear things on their heads indoors. There is no problem with this gym except for the flakes who continue to make up lies to make themselves feel better. i go to PF Falls Church everyday with no problems, the staff are nice and the place is clean what do you want? everything for free? If you need a trainer pay for it, you know who I mean.

  6. ravensgal Says:

    since when are gyms fashion statements? Are you saying if they wore shit on their head we would have to let them in too? Who’s fault is it who wears those stupid do rags? Why wear a hat in a gym? Or whatever you want to classify it as.

  7. F***planet_fitness Says:

    ravensgal – are you retarded? usally when you go to the gym it is to WORK. Its called working out if you didn’t know, and I would assume since you go to PF you are a stereo-typing girl with no friends. Get a life you POS.

  8. What? Says:

    Google “doo-rag” and click on the images option. It is funny to me how 90% of the images feature “white people” wearing them.

    It is a dress code policy in a private establishment. Since when do we get pissy if a nightclub or restaurant requires you to wear something or regulates something else. GET OVER IT.

    NewsFLASH…something is only racist or discriminating if you make exceptions for certain people. I was called racist for asking a member to remove a doo-rag one day and I laughed in his face. If Hulk Fucking Hogan walked in the gym and wanted to workout (which by the way I can’t think of anyone more noted for wearing one) I would tell him to take it off.

    It is posts like this and ignorant people like the ones above that keep racism alive, not dress code policies.

  9. sick of u Says:

    You must be insane. I have been thru more shit at this gym than anyone, I workout and leave. And maybe if you had some friends you wouldn’t be a bitter old sap. Go to work if you wanna wear your cap. this isn’t your typical gym and we all know it no. So just move on with your lives and workout somewhere you feel comfortable

  10. Obed Vega Says:

    I have been working out with my brother for over a year at planet fitness in Orange City FL,This one very rude unprofessional young lady continues to harass me.Im the guest on the acct,i guess she doesn’t like time my brother left before me,not knowing that i could not stay if he left,i was on my last set,she walks over in front of everyone and say’s your member left you gotta leave,in a very rude and nasty tone.Then just recently she made a comment towards me on the floor,not sure what she was saying,i asked if i could have a word with her the next day cause i was running late..Next day i come in with my brother and the manager say’s im not allowed there anymore cause she said i look at her funny!!!This young lady has serious issues and i will seek legal action for this insult to my character!!! How dare she,to many young people working at planet fitness like it’s a big party making fun of people,laughing constantly!! Totally discusted with them,but i will have the last laugh!!!!!!

  11. Elysa Says:

    Hey Obed. You want special treatment for a free ride? It’s ten dollars a monyth! Get a f*%&ing membership, put your man panties on, and get the f*&^ over it!

  12. Buffet Says:

    DIE Pencilneck Faggots!!!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Elysa!!! are you Man or FAG???? The Planet Fitness GYM SUCKS BALLS!!!! LA fitness got it going on 🙂 I got special treatment for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Poet~Unbroken (@fighter79poet) Says:

    I sent this exact message to Planet fitness after a very humiliating experience. I have received NO response.
    I have been a member for the second time for over a year. After awhile of not going I decided to start my healthy lifestyle again so I went to my P.F. located in Rockledge, fl. I must state I have Alopecia universalis (no hair) so i wear a bandanna in public, upon arrival at the P.F I tell the counter lady my number, she punches it in I go to walk away & she tells me I can’t wear the bandanna, so I lean in quietly and tell her I have no hair, it is a medical condition so I am allowed to wear it she then states that “NO..policy says you can’t so you can’t” So I replied that I have been a member for over a year and yes I am allowed to wear it stating it is a medical condition, I then walk away to the bathroom, hurt, embarrassed & publicly humiliated I was in tears. I walk out with my ear phones on and confidence shattered. I head to workout, after about 20 minutes this man who works there walks up to me tells me when I am done he needed to see me in his office. So, I see his body language and I can tell he looks upset so, I hurry up and go to the office where before I could say anything he says their was an incident with the girl at the front and you upset her and made her cry, saying she was just doing her job and that I had no right talking to her how I did. I responded saying…I never treated her badly, not sure why she’d be crying since I was the one humiliated and embarrassed at the front door when after a year of being here I’m questioned about my bandanna, it is clear I am completely hairless I wear a bandanna to cover my head because I feel embarrassed in public & I can’t wear hair to workout. He continues to then say “I can tell you have an attitude so lets just end it now, I’m cancelling your membership” I said “What, why? I haven’t done anything how would you feel if you had no hair and was questioned in front of everyone at the door? I haven’t been mean I was defensive but because it was inappropriate. I then, point out that I just had the yearly fee taken out is he planning to reinburst me?” He goes on saying that I was wrong for my reaction and that he is revoking my membership regardless and to follow him to sign the papers. I couldn’t believe it. I walk out of his office grabbed my keys from my locker and left not signing anything. I feel so hurt & disrespected. I feel like if she was concerned about the policy since this is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE she should have just let me come in and spoken to her boss about the bandanna instead of confronting me like I was doing something illegal. I am a customer and should never be treated this way. Now I get punished because of this? Does this seem fair? I chose Planet fitness because I felt I would feel safe, happy & not be judged but it seemed like before I even went in there his mind was made up #1 he didn’t want a bald chick representing his establishment & #2 that he was going to revoke my membership regardless what I say. Not to mention I own a Page & Group on facebook for all local people and have promoted Planet fitness to all of our members & followers. I am so hurt. I hope to hear back.

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